Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in which Christmas film?

Larry, Curly and Mo are known collectively as what?

In which state or territory would you find the port town of Dampier?

True or false: mistletoe is poisonous to humans

Who sang the 1963 song ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’?

In the 2003 film Love Actually, who plays Emma Thompson’s brother?

Do turtles lay their eggs in underwater nests or on land?

According to the New Testament, who visited Mary with the news that she was pregnant with the Son of God?

What does a phillumenist collect?

Which ingredient adds ‘sweetness and that extra tang’ in Paul Kelly’s Christmas ballad How to Make Gravy?

According to The Twelve Days of Christmas, which gift was given on the fifth day?

Which former Soviet leader resigned on Christmas day?

Which author was a close friend-turned-enemy to illusionist Harry Houdini?

Which world leader and his younger brother were both born on December 25?

Red pinocchio and Floradora are varieties of which flower?

The Great St Bernard’s Pass links which two countries?

How many of Santa’s reindeers have names beginning with D?

And in which decade did poet Clement C. Moore name Santa’s reindeers in ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’?

On which planet did Viking I land in 1976?

Which actor has won an Oscar for their portrayal of Santa?