How many lanes are there in an Olympic swimming pool?

“I took my love, I took it down” begins which 1975 song?

Are the letters on a computer keyboard lower case or upper case?

Which world leader announced this week they were separating from their wife of 18 years?

What is gouache?

By which name is killer Gary Ridgeway better known?

What is pertussis commonly known as?

Schenectady is a city in which US state?

Which actress played Prue in 1998 fantasy drama series Charmed?

Myanmar is famed for what type of gemstones?

In which country would you find the seaside town Massa?

Which position is allowed to shoot a goal in netball?

Name the first Plantagenet King of England.

Which animal does Futurama character Zoidberg most closely resemble?

Where was the first Die Hard film set?

In which year did Nestle introduce Nescafe instant coffee?

Which is NOT a language spoken in Luxembourg?

Which crime family was featured in the television series The Sopranos?

Where did a coup d’etat occur on July 26 2023?

Which country are finger limes native to?