Which singer starred in movies Kissin' Cousins, Stay Away, Joe and Wild in the Country?

Which river runs through Washington, D.C.?

Which Ernest Hemingway book follows a journey along the Camino path from Paris to Pamplona?

In which Australian state are Belmore Falls?

In which town is the Taronga Western Plains Zoo?

‘Johnny’s in the basement mixing up the medicine, I’m on the pavement thinking about the government,’ begins which 1965 song?

What does the NSW Police motto ‘Culpam Poena Premit Comes’ mean?

The Mayo Electorate is in which state or territory?

Who said ‘the biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved’?

Count Basie is mainly associated with which type of jazz?

Who was NOT in O.J. Simpson’s ‘dream team’?

Which is April's birthstone?

Which river runs through Alice Springs

Who was the first Australian-born Governor-General?

What swimming stroke is typically first in an individual medley?

Lois Lane worked at which newspaper?

Where in London would you find the famed Poet’s Corner?

Do things look larger or smaller through a convex lens?

How many comic operas did Gilbert and Sullivan write?

One Australian dollar is worth approximately how many Japanese Yen?