What is the name of the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch?

What element joins iron to become steel?

Who had a hit with the song More Than This?

In which American state would you find Mount Rushmore?

What name is given to a male rabbit?

Who was the first murder victim in season 3 of Only Murders in the Building?

Who wrote The Stranger Beside Me about their colleague Ted Bundy?

What gas is believed to make up 74 per cent of the Sun’s mass?

Who is said to have given Sherlock Holmes his emerald tie pin?

Who painted Girl with a Pearl Earring?

Beef Wellington is typically made with which cut of meat?

Langkawi Island is part of which country?

What breed is often called the Apollo of Dogs?

What note is the highest string of a violin usually tuned to?

“Shadows grow so long before my eyes and they’re moving across the page” begins which 1975 song?

Which is NOT a sport in the decathlon?

In which U.S. state was Brad Pitt raised?

Who was the first person to patent an eraser attached to the end of a pencil?

How old was Jane Austen when she wrote Pride and Prejudice?

Which Australian Prime Minister said about the war in Vietnam: “Defeat is out of the question”?