Right Said Fred became famous with which one-hit wonder?

In which month is ANZAC day celebrated?

Where were the 1932 Olympics held?

Which detective drama deals with naval crimes?

Which is the 22nd letter of the alphabet?

In the long-running sci-fi show the X Files, is David Duchovny’s character Mulder or Scully?

Which year was the Battle of Hasting?

Who was the male star of the classic movie The African Queen?

What type of nut is usually found in a Waldorf salad?

Who has NOT won a Grammy in the 'Big Four' major categories?

With which profession is the Hippocratic Oath associated?

Which performer had an alter ego name Dr Funkenstein?

Who wrote The Book Thief?

Which is faster, the ostrich or the antelope?

“It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why babe, if’n you don’t know by now,” begins which Bob Dylan song?

If you were visiting the Golden Temple, which country would you be in?

In which country was Henry Kissinger born?

To which saint do Catholics traditionally pray for assistance in finding lost items?

David Ben-Gurion was a former leader of which country?

Where was the Cognac and absinthe cocktail ‘Sazerac’ invented?