Are country music stars Tania and Lee Kernaghan married or are they siblings?

Which is not used in a ratatouille?

2340 is the postcode in which Australian town?

Who was the American biotechnology entrepreneur convicted of fraud in connection to her company, Theranos?

With which sport is Josh Giddey associated?

In which year did the Berlin Wall come down?

Who is the alter-ego of Marvel’s The Savage She Hulk?

Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) is the daughter of which famous Baldwin brother?

How many times has Eddie Betts been awarded AFL Goal of the Year?

In which film does Al Pacino play journalist Lowell Bergman?

Who composed the music for the musical The Phantom of the Opera?

The first coins bearing King Charles III effigy were released this week, which denomination were they?

Which is NOT an official working language used by the UN?

What was the name of Motown singer Martha Reeves’ girl group?

Alan Jones was a speechwriter for which former Australian prime minister?

In which U.S. state is the town of Heber-Overgaard?

In which year was fashion designer Gianni Versace murdered in Miami?

A coupe cocktail glass is said to be designed in the shape of whose breast?

“I don’t like you but I love you, seems that I’m always thinking of you,” opens which 1962 song?

Spike Milligan became a regular visitor to Australia after his parents and brother moved to which town?