In tennis, which score is expressed as ‘deuce’?

In which US state is Fargo located?

Which actress plays Roz Gruber in the TV show Fisk?

In which bay are the Andaman Islands?

The 2011 song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ was by Gotye and which other artist?

The name of how many books in the Bible begin with R?

Bauxite is used in the production of which metal?

Which musical featured the song Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend?

What nationality was Jorn Utzon, designer of the Sydney Opera House?

Which is not a murder weapon in the board game Cluedo?

For which film did Louise Fletcher win her best actress Oscar?

The rock group Steppenwolf took its name from a book by whom?

Which city hosted the 1972 Olympics?

What was the nationality of poet Sylvia Plath?

A Black Velvet cocktail mixes what with stout?

How many degrees from horizontal does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?

What is the shortest of Shakespeare’s plays?

Name the first man-made satellite put into orbit.

“I hear the drums echoing tonight but she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation,” begins which song?

Australian basketballer Patty Mills plays for which NBA team?