In cybersecurity, what does RATs stand for?

Naomi Watts married which actor in Mexico City in June?

What type of creature is an oystercatcher?

The French word ‘luge’ translates to what in English?

Looking at a dartboard, which number is to the immediate right of 20?

What international organisation was founded by Jean-Henri Dunant?

How did Sir Walter Raleigh die?

In 2003, the so-called naked version of which Beatles album was released?

What was Vanuatu formerly named?

Who is the youngest?

Which saint was the first Pope?

What is your star sign if you were born on January 2?

Is New Zealand’s Marlborough region on the North or South Island?

Which NRL player was nicknamed The Honey Badger?

Which year marks the start of Generation Alpha?

In the 1997 Aussie classic film The Castle, how much were jousting sticks selling for in the newspaper?

‘Livin’ easy, lovin’ free, season ticket on a one way ride’ begins which 1979 song?

How many spaces are there on a Scrabble board?

How many South American nations do not share a border with Brazil?

Who wrote the Enigma Variations?