It's become popular to celebrate which movie franchise on May 4th each year?

What was Australian singer Shannon Noll's debut single?

Which shape is at the centre of a Claddagh ring?

‘Remember you must die’ is the translation of which Latin phrase?

In which European city would you find the restaurant Noma, named by Restaurant Magazine as best in the world four times?

And which prominent chef runs Noma?

Which driver won the 2024 Formula One?

How many years older than Queen Elizabeth II was her husband Prince Philip?

Which metal is the Statue of Liberty’s visible surface made from?

Which Ramone was the bassist?

Which country ranked highest on the World Happiness Report 2024?

Sufferers of beriberi have a deficiency of what vitamin?

Which hit 80’s sitcom featured the character Uncle Jesse Katsopolis?

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are found in which geopolitical region?

Cerulean is a shade of what colour?

Which modern Mediterranean country covers most of ancient Phoenicia?

What is unusual about the highly sought after Japanese Densuke watermelon?

In which city was the 2002 TV show The Wire set?

Who wrote the lyrics ‘Hey Charlie, I think about you every time I pass a filin’ station, on account of all the grease you used to wear in your hair’?

Which cattle breed was bred in North Queensland for Australian conditions?