Who is youngest?

In which state would you find the town of Bellingen?

Which field is the game of petanque played on?

Who wrote Jurassic Park?

What kind of creature is a macaque?

In which country would you be greeted with ‘Swasdi’?

Groove is in the Heart was a 1990 hit by which group?

On which side of the road do you drive in Japan?

Which container holds the most?

On which island would you find the city of Copenhagen?

A Gibson cocktail has what garnish?

Which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?

Taylor Swift’s song Cruel Summer appeared on which of her albums?

In which country was snooker invented?

Which Beatle sang lead vocals on the 1969 song Here Comes the Sun?

Henry Ford Hospital is a painting by which artist?

How many British Prime Ministers have been assassinated?

The Russian word glasnost means what?

Which James Bond actor was born in Drogheda, Ireland?

In which year did Mao Zedong come to power in China?