Which zodiac sign is represented by fish?

Which is NOT a style of beer?

Who assassinated JFK on November 22, 1963?

How many islands form the country Vanuatu?

Which song was Robbie Williams’ first single after leaving Take That?

In which country is the city Ghent?

Which is the term for a male turkey?

Which songwriting duo were known as the Glimmer Twins?

In which year was eBay founded?

Which is Lebanon’s capital city?

Which actor gave his voice to the Genie in the animated Disney movie Aladdin?

Which sort of animal is also known as a burro?

Who is the highest Grammy Award winning artist?

In which Australian state was Cathy Freeman born?

Was Hedda Gabler an historical figure or a fictional character?

In which country was the rock band Slade formed?

In which year did Nike introduce its ‘Just do it’ slogan?

“Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone, I hear you call my name and it feels like home,” begins which 1989 song?

Which planet spins on its side?

The corporate headquarters of Google is known as what?