Name the castle in which Shakespeare's Hamlet resided?

Which prefix denotes the largest number?

Where do spitting cobras mainly aim venom shot at their victims?

In which sport do teams compete for the Stanley Cup?

‘Baby, you were always gonna be the one, you only ever did it just for fun,’ starts which 1988 song?

Do picpoul/piquepoul grapes make red or white wine?

Name the first wife of Ronald Reagan.

Which modern country was known to Romans as Caledonia?

Which famed astronomer had a fake nose said to be made of gold?

Which singer’s first big hit was Mandy?

Pippin (Pepin) the Short was the father of which historical figure?

Who wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Who joined Nicole Kidman in a duet covering Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Somethin’ Stupid’ in 2001?

What sport does a pugilist take part in?

Name the floral emblem of Australia.

The Montgolfier brothers pioneered the use of what form of transport?

Which animal’s milk is used to make Comté cheese?

Finishing third in Australian Idol 2005, Lee Harding went on to have a hit with which song?

Whose story is told in Homer’s poem The Iliad?

What was the profession of Roland Garros, namesake of the French Grand Slam?