Which chilli is hottest?

Name the capital of Thailand.

Burdekin Shire is in which Australian state or territory?

With which sport do we associate Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin?

Which Scandinavian country awards the Nobel Peace Prize?

What was the real first name of Prince?

Shreveport is a city in which US state?

Indigenous Australian rapper Briggs co-founded which hip hop duo?

What was the fate of British King Charles I?

In which city was the sitcom series Cheers set?

In which country was the cuckoo clock invented?

The song ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ was by which rock band?

Dublin stands on the banks of which river?

Which ancient Greek philosopher was the tutor of a young Alexander the Great?

How many of the world’s ten highest mountains are in Asia?

100 years after its inception the Pulitzer Prize increased its cash award to what amount for each winner?

Barnaby Joyce is the member for which electorate?

What sort of doctor would perform a leucotomy?

Frances Shand Kydd (nee Roche) was the mother of which very public figure?

In which state or territory is Sara Lee’s Australian factory?