Was Lizzy Borden found guilty or innocent of the murder of her father and his wife?

Copper and zinc produce which alloy?

What is the name of the Celtic festival that Halloween is believed to have evolved from?

Which Hollywood composer provided the singing voice for Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

In which year was that film released?

“I, I will be king, and you, you will be queen,” begins which 1977 song?

Which priest threw himself out the window in the exorcist?

What does the QR stand for in QR code?

During the filming of which HBO documentary did Robert Durst , forgetting about his microphone, admit to three separate murders whilst in the bathroom?

What was Alfred Hitchcock's budget for the 1960 film Psycho in USD?

What was the first YouTube video to reach a billion views?

Which famous magician died on Halloween?

Where in the human body would you find an anvil?

Who wrote The Amityville Horror in 1977?

Name the only brother of the famous Kardashian sisters.

Stephen King’s The Shining was set in which fictional hotel?

What do most lobsters and crayfish do with their shell after it has moulted?

Juggalo is a name given to a fan of which music group?

In Irish folklore, what mythical creature is said to roam the countryside during Samhain and can be harmful or helpful to humans?

Who is the film’s killer in the original Friday the 13th released in 1980?