Which Superman actor broke their neck in a horse riding accident?

Which chess piece is allowed to hop over the over pieces?

Who was named Australian Father of the Year this Father’s Day?

Cable Beach is in which Australian state?

Which car manufacturer made the Kingswood?

'Sans souci' in French translates to what in English?

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is better known as what?

Who is India's prime minister?

Bœuf bourguignon is beef braised in stock and which other liquid?

Is Evel Knievel alive or dead?

"Out on the wily, windy moors we'd roll and fall in green" begins which 1978 song?

Who originally played the deputy mayor of New York Mike Flaherty in Spin City?

How did Alice Marble shock Wimbledon in 1933?

Which is NOT an option when ordering a martini?

Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox and Kimberly Elise starred in which 1996 film about a team of bank robbers?

Which fish is longest?

Who wrote The Godfather books and films?

Which airline announced its closure in September 2001?

Cuneiform is an ancient form of writing. What does the word mean?

If you had raphanus sativus in your salad, what would it be?