In which state is Cooper's beer brewed?

Fe is the chemical symbol of what element?

How many times has former US President Donald Trump been married?

V60 and Aeropress are used for making what?

Taylor Swift has been romantically linked to which NFL player in September 2023?

Tbilisi is the capital of which country?

Which character of Greek mythology lived at the centre of the labyrinth?

In which year did John Farnham release You’re the Voice?

Gordon Sumner is better known by what stage name?

According to Biblical tradition, how many tribes of Israel are there?

What colour are the petals of the snowdrop flower?

Name the pass that connects Afghanistan to Pakistan.

What does the N in Qantas stand for?

During World War I, exotic dancer Mata Hari was tried for espionage and executed in which nation?

Which band has performed on seven continents?

What was the name of the ship that sunk in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica in 1915, led by explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton?

“Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition” begins which 1980 song?

Helen of Troy was the wife of which Greek king?

Which chocolate bar did Greenpeace specifically campaign against in 2010 for benefiting the palm oil industry?

In which year did Britain’s Queen Mother and Princess Margaret both die?