Which is NOT a town on Victoria's Great Ocean Road?

What was the agent number of Maxwell Smart?

On a Monopoly board, Regent St is what colour?

What Australian city is said to be the nation’s country music capital?

Who has portrayed the character of Hercule Poirot most recently?

What is the name of Beyonce and Jay Z’s first child?

By what name is the Flavian Amphitheatre better known?

The city of Scranton is in which US state?

Which actor portrayed The Doctor in the television series Dr Who wearing a very long striped scarf?

Which Australian prime minister had the middle name Christmas?

What was banned in the USA under the terms of the 21st Amendment?

In which sport was Katarina Witt a world class competitor?

Who wrote The Power of One?

The horrors of which battle inspired Henri Dunant to create the relief agency that became the Red Cross?

Pablo Picasso and which other artist are credited with the founding of the cubist movement?

What is Australia’s largest owl?

How many letters are there in the Hawaiian alphabet?

“As he came into the window, Was the sound of a crescendo,” starts which 1987 song?

Cordyceps fungus is commonly known as….

What is the real first name of Henry Kissinger?